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#9 Envelopes

View our selection of discount #9 window and business envelopes for sale online. The #9 envelope, which is slightly smaller than its #10 counterpart, has dimensions of approximately 3 7/8 x 8 7/8 inches. Its compact size makes it ideal for enclosing documents folded in half or thirds, and it fits seamlessly inside a #10 envelope. 

#9 envelopes are commonly used in business settings for return envelopes, enabling clients to respond to invoices or offers without requiring additional stationery. The ability to nest within a #10 envelope, and its perfect fit for folded letters or statements, make the #9 envelope a practical choice for various business communication needs. If you are looking for discount prices on #9 envelopes, find the printed business envelopes you need.

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  • #9
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  • Moistenable Glue

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  • Very good quality!!!! Love it! Will definitely come back for more!